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Sydney Train Fun Seminar

Sydney Train Fun Seminar

Sydney Train Fun Seminar



 Jujimufu has 20 years of training experience in fitness and he has always trained seriously, trained to progress, WHILE training to have fun! Juji & Tom have created a course that teaches you all about the ways we train and how to keep consistent with your training by having fun!

Each Train Fun Seminar will have a guest pro to help you learn the BEST way to progress at their sport!

Sydney Special Guest: Pro Arm Wrestler Ryan Bowen leading Arm Wrestling PHASE

Date: August 26th 12PM-8PM

Location: Lift Performance Center 

*After reservation has been made, we will contact you with further details of the event & we ask you to put your pants size (S, M, L, XL, or XXL) in the customer notes*

In 8 hours you'll learn from 3 Training Fun PHASES (lol) that we feel create a well-rounded athlete on a fun path to progression *detailed descriptions farther below*:

  1. Flexibility & Acrobatics
  2. Strength & Bodybuilding
  3. Grip Strength & Arm Wrestling

Why is Train Fun different than other fitness seminars? 

  • Hands-on, small class training with Juji, Tom & Ryan (guests like Devon Larratt, Magnus Midtbø, & Antoine Vaillant for future seminars!}
  • Learn our unique blend of athletics, strength AND aesthetics; look good while being strong and moving with AGILITY!

You don't just get powerpoints & dudes talking at you, GAINS come during the seminar, including:

Juji Survival Kit! ($168 value!! also no shipping to Australia :)

  • Ammonia ($42 value) | Juji Pants ($60 value) | Grip Genie Medium Set ($62 value) *please send pants size with reservation*

Skills Gained:

  • Backflip (or other acrobatic move of your choice)!
  • Unique Deadlift Variations!
  • Arm Wrestling Basics!

Juji's Routines (print & pdf too!):

  • Flexibility Hacks Guide
  • Bigger Deadlift Routine
  • Arm Pump to the Max Workout 
  • Gripper Progression Program

Each FUN PHASE contains:

  • 1 hour of instruction from Jujimufu
  • 45 minutes of hands-on assistance with skills learned from Juji, Tom & Guest Ryan Bowen

Final 90 minutes is OPEN GYM, work on anything you've learned and ask us ANY questions you have

PHASE 1: Flexibility & Acrobatics | 12PM - 1:45PM


  • Juji does the chair splits & he's done the splits 15+ years, written a 225+ page book on flexibility, the man lives & breathes stretching. Learn all the STUFF!

Acrobatics & Tricking

  • Juji & Tom have a combined 25+ years in acrobatics & they are both SELF-TAUGHT! We've taught multiple athletes to backflip on their first day and we'll teach you or anything else fun you'd like to learn!

PHASE 2: Strength & Bodybuilding | 2 - 3:45PM

Strength: Powerlifting, Strongman & Bodyweight (gymnastics rings, etc.)

  • Juji has 15+ years powerlifting and recently broke a huge deadlift plateau to reach 300kg, he's helped Tom to go from a 113kg to 227kg deadlift in 18 months!
  • We've trained with World's Strongest Men: Hafthor Bjornsson (2018), Martins Licis (2019) & Brian Shaw (4x) & we can give you all the best tips we've learned from them


  • Juji started off at 70kg and has reached a peak of 112kg in his 15+ years of bodybuilding. He's found the best exercises & routines that work for him and will work for YOU

DINNER/Lunch BREAK (Healthy fun meals provided) 3:45 - 4:30PM

  • We gonna get you fed REAL GOOD

PHASE 3: Grip Strength & Arm Wrestling | 4:30 - 6:15PM

Grip Strength

  •  We're obsessed. And we own a grip strength company. And we're bringing all of our grip tools. You'll like training grip and we'll show you the fun way to do it

Arm Wrestling

Ft. Special Guest: Ryan Bowen of Pound for Pound Arm Wrestling

  • We're also obsessed with arm wrestling. We've brought in our friend, Pro Arm Wrestler Ryan Bowen to give you the basics to crush at your next bar arm wrestling match
  • Bowen has risen to prominence quickly in the arm wrestling world; learning from the likes of John Brzenk, Devon Larratt & Todd Hutchings and he'll give you all the bits & pieces to help you get started in arm wrestling

OPEN TRAINING/GYM with US! | 6:30 - 8:00PM

 Now that you've got all these rad skills to try out, why not pick the ones you're most interested in, give 'em a go and ask us for any help accomplishing your goals!

We're here to make this the best experience possible and we want to provide you with a flexible time to train anything we missed, ask Jujimufu, Ryan & Tom any training, diet or interesting questions you may have!