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Why Train Fun?

Jujimufu Train Fun Seminar

I saw this quotation on a Dynamax medicine ball a long time ago.

"Fun Work - Hard Play"


I always liked it. I wish I had thought of it myself! It's also particularly fitting for a medicine ball because exercises you do with them lend themselves quickly to being fun.

In terms of our training goals though, a medicine ball alone isn't going to get you there, especially if it's the centerpiece of your training. You're going to need more. Sorry, med ball fans. Fun, yes. Effective? Kinda not really.

What is fun anyway?

The rules of what makes something fun could fill up a book, let's pass on drawing fun’s boundaries. Let’s instead agree that some people seem to be able to have more fun than others, and that’s desirable. Fun always feels good and often opens up a lot of doors of opportunity.

If training is fun, you’ll stick with it.

That’s important because effective training can be hard, boring, and monotonous. Performing your best and breaking plateaus are the aspects of training where you will experience the most fun, but if you aren’t having fun when you’re not improving, you’re going to get burned out. Fun keeps you coming back for more. It’ll get you through hard workouts and be the reward in itself. It makes you interesting; it makes you friends; it makes everything feel right!

Can you have “too much fun?”

I don’t think so! Having fun doesn’t mean you are not focused or not diligent: you can be focused and diligent while having fun. Fun reinforces resolve and keeps you going. It’s fuel. I believe you can never have enough fun!

Saying you can have too much fun is like saying you can be too strong. You can never be strong enough! The more, the better! Infinite levels of strength and fun, oh yeah! 

What I've learned is that "fun" is a trainable characteristic, and it's part of training (like speed, strength, flexibility, etc.) 

  • It's something you can improve and even PR in
  • Fun is both a means and an end
  • You can channel it into your training, where it becomes incredibly advantageous

Some people are better at it than others; perhaps you can be better than those people?!

Some say competition is fun, why not see who can have the most fun? Why don't we figure out together how to train it? If you see fun in this way, as the improvable capacity it is, then you can make intentions to improve it and be the one having the most fun.

What’s the downside?! I can’t think of any! Let's train fun together!

 Jujimufu Train Fun Seminars

Jon Call aka Jujimufu